Receiving 2nd prize for the competition of Kanagawa Architecture Festival[2018.03.03]

The scheme of this competition is 'The smallest place for communication : Tea house of 2 mats (1.8m x 1.8m)'. Our idea is making it by strips of bamboo.


Moo-Flat design recruits new members.

■Recruitment guidelines
・Hiring day:April, 2018 〜
・Qualification:3D technique, Experienced person of architecture
・Salary: It depends on our rule depending on ability.(200,000〜250,000yen/month)
・Days off and annual paid leave: Saturday, Sunday, Japanese Holiday and summer and new year's holiday. (But there are sometimes clients meetings on holidays.)

■Selection process
Please send us your CV and portfolio to below e-mail address.

After paper screening, we will have an interview.